About VETB

Message from Respected Chairman:

Vocational Educational Training Board (VETB) 

will take role of developing the Private Education facilities in India. This will be scientific approach to uplift the overall quality of education in private sector. Being the Examination controller of Vocational Education Training Board (VETB), my aim is to provide education that is practical and affordable to every inspiring candidate. People define Success as hard work with confidence, but I use to define Success as action in right direction to get the results, rather than making unnecessary hard work. Vocational Educational Training Board (VETB) is the place of solutions for your desire to get specialized in any field.

Wish you all the best !

Dr. Dhananjay Kirtane
Chairman: Vocational Educational Training Board



VETB will be Nation’s leader in the integration of 
  • Teaching & Learning.
  • Advancement of Knowledge base through research and scholarship.
  • Leadership in service, education, employment and entrepreneurship development.


  • To help generate outstanding educators, scholars, performers and advanced researchers.
  • To become world class, highly efficient and professional organization in the field of Skill Education.



VETB is the Unique Board to part training on Self-Employment. It is affiliated to Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India (Reg.). Since last more than 10 years,  we are provinding our servises to the field of Education, with following aims.

  • To provide employers with educated unemployed.
  • To develop the feeling of working hard and develop confidence to excel.
  • Groom by imparting personality development training to develop confidence. .
  • To develop social awareness amongst the youth and to encourage them to perform for self and society.
  • To develop the feeling of growth not only for themselves but also for the nation.
  • To impart the importance of vocational education amongst the people in the rural area.
  • Setting up training centers all over the country in the rural areas.
  • To inspire and train women to be independent by start their own business through exposure to various courses. .
  • The syllabus and books will be provided absolutely free by the Vocational Educational Training Board.
  • The Main Objective of the Vocational Educational Training Board is to develop India as Developed Nation.